Saturday, February 12, 2011


This year both my children wanted to make their own Valentines, especially because the Cricut makes it so easy!  My daughter is quite the artist.  She told me exactly what she wanted and sat right next to my gypsy while I designed.  Of course, one type of Valentine wasn't enough, so I ended up making two different kinds; one for the boys and one for the girls.
Here's the Love Bug.  We used the lady bug from Create a Critter and then hid the spots.  We replaced the spots with the hearts from Gypsy Wanderings.  I then cut small hearts to glue over the round ends of the antennae.  The shadow is black with the shell being sparkly red.  The head and hearts on the antennae are both a light, sparkly pink.  My daughter wrote "Be My Love Bug" on the back in gel pen.  Aren't they cute?

Next, my daughter had seen a card in Family Fun Magazine that used macaroni to make little Popsicles.  You dyed the macaroni and then put several across the front of the card to be a Popsicle.  (Sounds like lots of work!)  The phrase inside was "You melt my heart!"  She loved the idea, so we used the Popsicle on Smiley cards.  I made the shadow and flipped it because I loaded my Silhouette pens in the Cricut and had it write!!!!!  (More writing information below!)  I also cut the front and the drop from sparkly orange.  Then we used the Peachy Keen Face Stamps to put on a cute grin.

I used red and pink to have it write "You melt my (heart)."  Each color is a different layer on the gypsy.  HINT:  Put the shape you want to write on one layer.  (Make sure you have flipped it if you want to write on the back.)  Open a new layer and situate the text right over the shapes you can see from the other layer.  Open a third layer (and so on) for each color pen you want to use.  It was really simple!

My son, who is almost 10, wanted something "cool."  Nothing love based or embarrassing!  He asked if I had an iPod because he went surfing on the Internet and found the "iLove" on Google.  (He actually searched cool boy valentine's cricut all on his own!  Isn't that hysterical?  He then sent me the link to my email and said, "Make this.")  Well, after a conversation about manners, I came up with this.  He was adamant that it not be a Valentine's day color, so we made them a "cool" blue color.  I cut the shadow in black, the iPod (from My World) in sparkly blue and then the buttons and window in white.  I used the same method as above to write "U Rock" on the screen with my silhouette pens. 

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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