Sunday, July 18, 2010


I finished CK's Summer Camp in time to be entered in their prize drawings!  I would love a big pile of prizes!  ;)

Above are all the badges I earned!

Layouts Galore!

"Lost Lake" Fall 2007
We were invited on a hike with a family from church around Lost Lake.  It was the perfect fall weekend!  The background cardstock is khaki (unknown).  The photo blocks are matted on black.  I then took fall stickers and applied them to different layers of cardstock to make squares for the top border.  I added some vellum fall leaf stickers to complete the top border.  I hand cut a khaki tag and journaled on it, and then tied a natural fiber collection to the top.  I added a few more fall leaves to balance out the page.

"Apple Orchard" Fall 2007
After hiking around Lost Lake (above), we stopped at the apple orchard.  Unfortunately I finished this layout BEFORE I started recording papers, etc.  The papers have all those colors preprinted on them.  I just added the photos as they are except for the one with a torn yellow mat.  (Everything else but the tags were printed on the paper!)  I used photos of the apples and my tag maker to make the round apple tags.  I put some natural colored fibers at the top.

"Finally Retired" Fall 2007.  My Dad retired from First American Title after MANY years.  These are pictures from his family retirement dinner.  I used pinstriped paper to mimic a trendy dress shirt and then matted everything in light blue.  I cut out the title "Finally Retired," the arrow and "Time to Hit the Road" with my Silhouette die cut machine.  I pointed the arrow at my Dad to reinforce who was retiring.

"1st Grade" September 2007.  My son Austin started first grade this year (2007) and I wanted to showcase some of his work.  The nice thing about being so behind is you have all the stuff from the year to choose from! :)  The 1st grade paper is printed as is, with a white bottom where I adhered the class picture.  I then used a green "school themed" paper and mounted work, name tags and an award to it.  Very easy, but cute!

"Pump It Up Fun!" Nov. 2007
I used striped background cardstock and yellow and blue cardstock.  I grouped the photos and matted them in blue.  But when I cut them out, I tried to cut them in the shape of a bouncy house (left) and the slide (right).  I used the yellow paper for accents to the bouncy stuff.  I used blue letter stickers for the title "Pump It Up Fun" and "Whee."

"The Great Pumpkin Search" October 2007
I had only one piece of this great Halloween paper with black glitter owls on it (Martha Stewart?).  I cut it in half and then added black to the outside edges, to make two full 12x12 pages.  I ran a "film strip" of photos down each side and then matted photos on black for the middle.  I used black letter stickers for the title through the middle and the date at the bottom.

Halloween Trick Or Treating 2007
Once again, I had some old Halloween paper that I had never used so I decided to use it up!  (I was on a kick of using things up!)  I matted both kids individual costume pictures on yellow cardstock and placed them on the left page above the preprinted costume border.  I then matted three pictures on yellow and placed them diagonally down the right hand page.  I cut two yellow tags and journaled on each one.  The pirate themed tag represented all the stuff about my son's Pirate Halloween costume.  (Pirate stickers from Jollee's, I think).  I then did the same thing for my daughter (the bumblebee) and then die cut a bumblebee with my Silhouette die cutter.  I added fuzzy black fibers to the top of each tag.  I love this page, although it's really busy!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

More layouts completed earlier!

"Shhhhh!"  2007
This is one of my favorite layouts that I have done in a while.  It is about my parents surprise "Retirement/Bon Voyage" Party that my brother and I threw for them.  I used solid yellow cardstock for the background and then tore a piece of road sign cardstock.  I mounted about 3-4" of it on the two far outside edges of the background cardstock.  I then put the posed group photos down the left side of page 2 and then a great photo of my mom hugging one of her best friends.  I then mounted the invitation in the center of page one and cut out a photo of the "retired" sign to go below.  I then used my 2" square punch and punched out the people from a bunch of photos that were taken. I was able to get 16 photos on this layout!  I made sure to record who was in each picture!

"A Boy and his Bike" 2007
 I rarely do 1 page layouts but I have a few of these in a row all of the sudden.  I love the gears on this page!  I cut 3 gears and a bike with my silhouette digital cutter from grey cardstock. I then trimmed the photos to fit behind the gears.  I didn't have enough of the circle letters to do the entire title, so I mixed my handwriting with black and the circle letter tiles!  The background is a vintage, distressed green. 

"If you PLANT it..."  2007 
My husband is a fantastic gardener and I rarely showcase his talents! One of use took these great photos of our front yard in Aloha.  I love all the plants!  I used purple for the background cardstock and then matted all the photos in black.  I then wrote around the edges of the photos the types of plants that are in the pictures.  I combined my handwriting with a flower vellum where I cut out the word PLANT for the title.  I like how my journaling finishes off the phrase from the title  ( will grow.  Especially if your name is Matt!).  I think combining the title and the journaling makes a great flow!

"Seattle Mariners"  July 2007
This was quick and easy layout for a few photos I had of a Mariners game we had gone to.  I used a dark green background cardstock and matted the photos in a dark grey.  I put the two top photos at angles and then made a contrasting photo border across the bottom.  (I just trimmed the pictures so that all three would fit without losing anything important!)  I then used a couple of 3-D Mariner banners that I purchased in Seattle.  (They might have been Jollee's brand). 

"Giggles" Fall 2007
I love this layout!  The paper is wild and crazy, just like my daughter!  I was meant to go the other direction, as in the green stripe across the bottom, but I didn't like it that way! :)  Instead, I rotated the patterned paper to have the large green stripe down each outer side.  I then just plopped my photos on.  (Yes, all the mats were preprinted on the paper!)  I used an exacto knife to cut the orange and green photo corner so I could slide the photo underneath.  I then added the word "Giggle" and the three little hand drawn pictures to the upper corner.  Another quick and easy layout!  I love the photos in this one!

Downtown, Fall 2007
It was one of this perfect fall days; clear, crisp and sunny!  I used fall leaf patterned paper as the background and then matted all the photos on light yellow. I then journaled leaving extra space between each line so I could cut each line into its own segment and line them up in the upper right hand corner.

Past Scrapbooking Pages

I ran out of page protectors a while ago and had been piling up some finished layouts.  Luckily I found a 50% off coupon from Michael's and grabbed some page protectors.  Here are photos of the layouts I was adding to my album.  They are from late 2007.  (Yes, I am behind!)
These pictures are really old, but somehow I just stumbled upon them in the last 6 months.  I used an orange patterned paper with cream mats.  (Austin's favorite color is orange.)  I had a chipboard title "Wild Child" and a chipboard tag.  I tied cream tulle type ribbon through both for an added accent.  Pretty simple and quick!

Here is another set of pictures I found way after they happened.  (Yes, that's Maddie in a snuggie pack, so that was a LONG time ago!)  I used fall leaf patterned paper and mounted all the photos on a light sky blue.  I had a Halloween/Pumpkin patch set of cardstock that included the title, the two square pumpkin blocks and the pumpkin tag on page 2.  I just added a brad to the top of the tag and was done!  I love the tags that look 3-d!

Ok, back to 2007!  Austin was in First Grade and told us the night before that he was a lead in the play at school.  ("Little Red Hen!")  I used bright blue cardstock as background with green cardstock for matting and journaling.  The "First Grade" title, school house, ruler and apple are from LONG ago and were the cut out type.  (No manufacturer listed).  The letters are great school handwriting font and are stickers.  How much easier could that

Not my favorite layout.  I couldn't find any train accents and I didn't have my Cricut yet.  The left page is white cardstock with an 8x11 velum overlay.  It is preprinted with a border and saying.  The picture hole was precut already!  I colored the border with colored pencils and adhered the velum to the white cardstock underneath the border so the adhesive wouldn't show.  I mounted the rest of the pictures on a khaki cardstock and then punched 2" squares with my 2" punch.  I then used up the last of some train stickers I had and made a line of accents across the middle of the page. 

I completed this layout for the CK summer camp and the Fire Etiquette badge.  We had to emboss something.  I hadn't done that in years!  I used two pieces of a slightly patterned, vintage light blue paper.  I used the cricut and cut two borders of stars and the frame to put the title in.  I embossed the title frame with clear embossing powder to give it some shine!  I liked the "shine" motif, so I added two flourishes with flat "crystals."  I then carried the fluid movement of the flourishes and journaled in the same wavy manner.  I accented the word JOY in my journaling with two little crystals.  The title is actually a photo that I cut out that says "Winter Wonderland" in Christmas lights.  These photos were taken at CalCom in Bakersfield, CA. December of 2007.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Magnetic Board

I loved the CK summer camp idea of using rubber bands around cork board to make a great decor item. Of course I had to tweak it to use what I IKEA white magnetic board that I wrapped ribbon around. I used the Michael's $.50 a roll ribbon in colors that match her room. Digging though my stash I found the clips that matched a couple of the colors. She is really excited! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

building with LOVE!

"Building With LOVE!"
Photos from December 2007, Scrapped July 12, 2010
I created this layout by scraplifting the idea of the 4x4 photos, the house and the three shades of cardstock.  I made it my own (and satisfied a CK Summer Camp merit badge) by adding the circle pennant across the top.  I trimmed all my photos to 4x4 inches, and then narrowed a few of them down even more.  I mounted the photos on white carstock (Scrappin' Creations Power Pad CWP008) and then layered a red and white striped paper underneath (Same pad of paper).  I wanted a Christmas feel with candy cane stripes! :)  I then rounded the upper right and lower left corner of the large mat.  I adhered these large blocks to the solid red cardstock (also same pad of paper).  I then took some left over gold paper scraps that my friend left (Thanks Toni!)  and hand cut a gingerbread house.  I hand cut windows, door and snow for a homemade feel.  I then used my new CRICKET EXPRESSION! to cut out the tags (Simply Sweet 2" and shadow).  I mounted the tags on white dot fibers (unknown origin) and tried to make them look like they were hanging, which is a lot harder than it seems when you are using two different pages!  I added the title across the pennant and on the bottom journaling block using black letter stickers (Deluxe Designs--Emily's Own). 

Part of this layout was created to earn my CK Summer Merit Badge on Flag Etiquette.  (I also earned my Orienteering badge for learning to navigate the CK website).

SO cute!

CK Summer Camp has begun!

Did you hear about CK's FREE online summer camp!  Register and take part in the merit badges, classes and challenges.  (You might even win a prize!)  I'll be posting the layouts I create for my merit badges when I have a bit more time!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Scrapbooking Day

Some friends and I have declared Thursday "scrapbooking day" and today was our first session!  We had so much fun!  One of my friends brought her new Cricket Expressions and WOW! what that machine can do!  I love that it prints 12x12.  I have a Silhouette....8 1/2 x 11.... :(  There may be a change coming for me.
Here's what I got done today!
"My Little Monsters"
I love this layout!  October 2007--Moxley Family Halloween Party
This was a simple layout as I wanted to showcase the picture of my two kids.  I matted a 4x6 picture on black cardstock and then adhered it to a 12x12 Halloween paper (unknown manufacturer).   I used these adorable Halloween letter stickers (Creative Imaginations Marah Johnson Letter Stickers)

to make the title.

"Come As Your Aren't...EEEEEKKKK!"
Same Moxley Halloween Party with these adorable "monster" fake nose and eyebrow glasses.
I used a 12x12 Halloween paper (patterned) from an unknown source.  I matted each photo in orange and black plaid paper (Karen Foster design).  I then made a small white tag, matted in black paper.  The stickers on the tag say "Come As You Aren't" and "EEEEEEEEEKKKKK!"  (Both are from Scrapbook Mania "Halloween").  The orange block on the bottom says "Happy Haunting" and is from Pebbles Inc. SnipIt's Tag's Halloween.  I threaded a 1.5 inch wide ribbon through a hole punched in the top and added two small candy corns to the orange block.  Then I added one more candy corn block to the bottom right with three little candy corn stickers (Sandylion Essentials) to a square of black cardstock.  I felt these two additions (tag and candy corn block) balanced the candy corn printed on the page on the other side.  I also design in three's and five's!
"Moxley Party"
What do you do when you have a lot of pictures from one event?  What do you do when you have a large patterned paper with one large image?  Combine them!  That's what I did.  I have had this Haunted House paper (manufacturer unknown) for years and have never used it because I could never fit the pictures.  Today I had the great idea to cut out the windows of the haunted house to make holes where I could place the pictures behind.  To cut the windows out I used very sharp, small scissors to poke a hole in the middle of the window and then cut to the edges, removing the paper within the window.  I then used adhesive to stick the photos behind the page.  I used a white pen (Creativity For Kids) to title the page within the semi-circle window panes.

Teddy is my daughter's guinea pig.  She loves this guinea pig and takes great care of him!  I made this layout from pictures of the first day we got him.  The background paper is a solid green and each picture is mounted on cream cardstock.  The large guinea pig is cut from my friend's Cricket Expression using the "Critter's" cartridge. It's actually a hedgehog that I altered by cutting off the pointy nose.  I think it's adorable!  I inked the tan pieces with amaretto ink and put pop dots behind his ears.  I put rick-rack down the left hand side (brown rick rack with green dots).  I used a cream mat for the title (EK Success alphabet stickers recipe box/bright) and then wrote the journaling below.  I wanted to tie all the colors together with the title stickers! 

Den/Guest Room (ie. scrapbooking room!)

Oh did I have fun yesterday! I dedicated several hours to decorating and organizing the den (ie. scrapbooking room!) All the furniture in the room is from IKEA (got to love IKEA) and is a dark brown/black color. I think it really pops with the paint and wainscoting in the room. I then hung two floating shelves (what a pain!) and hung a cute curio cabinet my Mom used to have hanging in her dining room. It's originally made for tea cups and saucers, but it fits the flower jars, etc. perfectly! The license plate wall frame I made in a Quick Quotes class two years ago at the Portland CK convention. The green wall frame propped on the table was also made in a Quick Quotes class this year at the local CK convention. Enjoy looking at the pictures and be sure to ask questions if you have any! :)