Friday, September 3, 2010

Scamp Time

What is Scamp?  Scamp is scrapbooking and camping combined!  Every year a couple of Moms get together and bring all the kids camping.  Luckily the kids are getting older and they run off an play and the Moms scrapbook!  This year we were gone 5 days and really only scrapbooked 2.5 days.  I finished 28 2 page layouts, 5 single page and 2 mini albums!  We love it!  We were only interrupted to make meals and snacks and to race the kids to the river after they found a ground wasp nest. (29 stings total on 5 people!)  My daughter "won" with 11 stings. 

We set up a dining fly to keep off any stray rain showers and to slow down the wind gusts.  We then lay down a tarp to catch all our scraps.  I bring a 6 ft. table from Costco and we sit in folding chairs.  We are ultra organized and bring pre-made page kits for all we want to accomplish.  (Basically, the photos, papers we will use, accent items and then whatever I cut from the Cricut for it.)  I found that Costco sells TOMBO adhesive refills really cheap, so I stock up on adhesive and off we go!

Notice the huge pile of scraps on the ground!  We have a "ceremonial" campfire to burn all the paper scraps at the end.  This year they filled an entire brown shopping bag!

Other important scamp terms coined by my husband as he watched us fight the wind to hold down tiny pieces of layouts:
  • scramp:  a person who scrapbooks while they camp
  • Scruggle:  a person who cannot understand why anyone would EVER try, or want to, scrapbook while camping! 
He pretends he is a Scruggle, but really he supports me in all my scrapping!  Love you!

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