Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Completed San Diego album

This is a total scraplift from the Dec. 2009 Creating Keepsakes album.  They featured an article about how to complete an album quick!  Having almost 6 inches of pictures from a trip to San Diego in 2008, I had to do something!  This was a quick, easy and visually pleasing album.  Here is the "recipe:"  6 horizontal 4x6 photos, 2 vertical 6x4 photos, 1 2x8 inch cardstock strip, 3 strips of black cardstock, .75 inches x 12.  That's it!  I added the little doo-dad's to it to jazz it up, but I completed this album in two days!  (Long days, but days!)

Here is a few photos from the various pages!  (I won't bore you with the whole thing! ;) )
Here is the title page.  I mixed it up a tiny bit and made a large red block and put a picture of the great-grandparents who planned this trip, but then weren't able to go.  :(  But, they wanted us to still go, so we did!)  I used the cricut to cut the San Diego title. 

Here is the first "section" of the scrapbook.  I color coordinated each section in regards to the place we were.  So, the San Diego Zoo's logo features red, so the accent color on all the Zoo pages is red.  I purchased a "patch" at the zoo and used it for the title of the location on the left hand side.  All you do is affix 6 horizontal photos on one page and then run two of your thin black cardstock pieces.  One runs horizontally and the other vertically.  Where ever they cross, I put an accent piece.  Then on the right side I lined up the third thin black cardstock piece level with the other horizontal piece (on other page) and added the two vertical pictures and the red accent block.  I then added a small, matching accent to that side. 

(Here's another page of the same location!  The accent matches something in the photos, ie. there is a picture of a giraffe, so I had the cricut make a giraffe.)

Notice I am rotating the side of the paper with two photos.  (I alternate the left and right side being the side with two photos.)  This helps your eye move along and not become too predictable. 

Also notice here that I didn't have a 2nd vertical photo so I cut the brochure to the right size and used that as a "photo" filler!

Blue means Sea World!  Also notice how the vertical black strip moves from the top third to the bottom third.  (It mixes things up more!)

Light Yellow is a tour of the Midway Aircraft Carrier.  I used the cricut to cut a jet and then used a silver marker to outline the shape and then color in the front window.  It really made a difference.

Also notice here that I used the tickets as one of my vertical "photos."

Ahhh...Lego Land!  Bright green!  I used the George cartridge on the Cricut to cut different rectangles and then used a hole punch to punch little circles.  I created my own Lego accents.  A pain in the rear end, but REALLY cute!

The last page tells of a hysterical event while we were gone.  Austin lost his tooth on Easter Eve while we were in San Diego in the hotel. (It was about 10:30 p.m.!)  The next morning the kids awoke to these two sets of notes; one from the tooth fairy and one from the Easter Bunny.  Apparently the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy collided outside the hotel and all the Easter eggs broke and the tooth fairy dropped all the Sacajawea coins that Austin normally receives.  In order to fix the problem, the Easter Bunny left chocolate eggs and the tooth fairy gave Austin $20 and told him to split it with his sister and they should spend it at Sea World the next day.  How do we know all this????  Both the Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy left notes, of course!  (Featured to the left!)

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