Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bosses Day Cards

Since Bosses Day is on Saturday this year, I had the weekend to get ready!  I made this little card for Matt's boss.  Just like my earlier post said, this is my new "quickie" card that is really easy to make masculine.  First I took a piece of double sided patterned cardstock and cut it 6 inches x 9 inches.  I folded it in half, being sure the seam was flat.  I then folded down 1 inch of the front side, to make a little flap.  I made sure the seam was flat again.  I then took some grosgrain ribbon with matching dots and tied a knot in it.  I adhered this to the back of the flap, and then glued the flap down. I cut a piece of cream cardstock for the card that slides in and out.  I then had these cute 3-D circle letters that are wooden.  I bought them at the CK Portland show many years ago and didn't have the right project for them!  I do know!

Here is the exact same card format, with a totally different look!  Since I'm a teacher, my boss is a principal.  So, I felt compelled to use school themed items, yet not make it too cutesy.  Unfortunately this paper was not double sided, but I loved it, so adhered two of the same size rectangles together. It worked good, not great!  The paper was much harder to fold and I am still struggling with getting the flap to stay down!  (4 glue dots later...)  I used a shiny ribbon with ruler marks on it and the same round wooden letters to spell Boss.  I then used a school accent the "write" stuff, but wrote in black at the top, "You have...The Write Stuff!"  I used yellow lined paper for the card and I think this is perfect for my Principal!

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!! YAY - look at you girl!!! I'm so excited! Everything you've done is just so wonderful!!! I love each one - great halloween decorations and that kitty card is fabulous!!!