Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thanks A Munch!

I made this cute apple card for my daughter's teacher to say thank you for working so hard!  I used the apple from My World and flipped and welded two of them together to make a card.  I cut the apples 3 times, once in red, once in green (for the leaves) and once in cream, for the inside.  My daughter suggested we add a worm or caterpillar to the apple and I suddenly thought, "Ah ha!  Thank you very munch!"  I used George and Basic Shapes to weld circles together for the body and then used a pair of quotation marks for the antenna.  After welding it all together I cut it! I added a silver heart paperclip and threaded a tag onto it that I cut from George as well.  I wrote "Thank You Very Munch" on the tag.  I then hand cut a small bite from the RED apple, leaving the cream showing.  I think it turned out cute!

Here's a quick soccer card my daughter wanted to make for her coach.  I used Sports Mania and cut the soccer girl and the soccer ball.  I welded two soccer balls like I did with the apple card.  We cut 2 soccer girls in two different colors so we could make a maroon jersey, to match my daughter's uniform!  My daughter assembled it and wrote inside with a white gel pen.  Easy enough for a 7 year old!

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  1. Jen - both are adorable! Great idea to have the worm munching the apple!!! Love it - love the paper clip too!