Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holidays Are Over...Crafting Time Is Back!

I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and now we're looking ahead at a wonderful New Year!  Over the holidays I had guests staying in my craft room, so my crafting is severely limited.  (Although I wouldn't trade the family time for crafting!)

I made an adorable "Give Thanks" Banner that I patterned after the Everyday Cricut idea.  BUT...I packed up Thanksgiving without a picture! :(

My first craft after reassembling my scrapbooking room was to make iPod storage spots.  Both of my kids got iPods for Christmas and I am worried they'll set them down somewhere and lose them.  So I made my daughter an adorable paper purse to put hers in and my son a football shaped mat.  The idea is that their iPods live on/in these spots when they are not in use!  Below are pictures:
I uses Sports Mania and cut out the football at about a 6x6 size.  I then cut out the white layer.  (WOW! I learned something new with this!)  Did you see all those tiny laces?  Each one was individual and had to be glued down as such.  BUT, when I pulled up the white paper, the little lines stayed intact while the long lines stayed on the mat.  I used the whole sheet of white paper as a guide and layed it over the brown football.  I then put adhesive in the "holes" and then layed the long white lines in the right place!  Perfectly aligned laces!  BUT, then I thought I would try something else.  I applied liquid adhesive to the back of the small laces that were still stuck within the large white sheet.  I was able to lay that down over the laces, align it and push the small white dots onto the football.  I didn't punch them out individually, rather, just stuck them down in the adhesive and then slowly pulled back the rest of the white paper!  This is definitely a trick I will be using in the future. 
I then cut out the UO (University of Oregon) in green and yellow craft foam and layered it.  After adhering it all together, I have a cute iPod mat!

I cut this purse using Tags, Bags, Boxes and More.  I sized it as large as I could on a 12x12 mat.  To do this, I let the handles be cut off, but made the purse as wide as possible.  I then cut the iPod from the Smiley Cartridge (I think!)  and used the adorable Peachy Keen face stamps on it.  I then cut out Rock On! and inked the edges.  I used brown ribbon for the handles and her iPod fits inside perfectly.  I ended up having to put a thick piece of cardboard inside on the bottom due to it tipping over so much, but now it works great!

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