Friday, March 25, 2011

Snow Angels and Gypsy Trick

I'm so excited to share with you this layout and trick I figured out on my Gypsy!  I had so many pictures of the snow storm of 2008, that I had to do two, 2-page layouts!  The first layout was posted yesterday and features some people, but lots of scenery.  Today the photos are of snow fun! :)
"Snow Angels"
This was created on a turquiose paper that totally looks a differeent shade in the photo!  I matted all my photos on brick red and white to complement the snowmen felt stickers I had. 

I cut the title "Snow Angels" out of Winter Frolic BUT it only said "Snow Angel" and I have 2 kids!  I noticed that the angel font looked a lot like Gypsy, and guess what, it was!  I put the words "snow angel", the shadow, the gypsy font "s" and the shadow to the "s" all on the same layer.  I adjusted the snow angel and its shadow together to keep them in ratio.  Then I magnified my Gypsy screen and carefully slid the s (and its shadow) over to the word angel.  I enlarged the s until it appeared the same size (and as I was doing this, the shadow was growing too!). I then grouped and welded the words "Snow Angel" and the "s" together.  I then moved the shadows to another layer on my Gypsy and once again carefully lined up the shadow of the "s" to the shadow of the words.  I left the layers so you could see through and line them up to match and I was able to group and weld these as well.  I think it looks great!  :)

I then added a package of Basic Grey felt stickers called Jovial--Woolies.  They are super cute fuzzy snowmen, presents, stars and birds!  It really made a cute and quick page!


  1. Gorgeous and what a great tip!!!

  2. I just got my Gypsy recently and am still figuring out what it can do! Thanks for sharing your success story.

  3. thats pretty smart! I honestly suck on my gypsy but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually!