Thursday, March 24, 2011

Snow Storm 2008

I know, I know, 2008???? But I am getting caught up slowly but surely!  Here's a layout with 13 pictures, with 7 being 4x6!  My friend Toni and I laugh that we're masters at cramming photos on pages!  Take a look!

I used a light blue background paper and decided not to mat my photos due to the large amount of them and how "busy" the layout was. 

Left side:  I used three 4x6 photos down the left hand side, leaving a small blue border.  I then cropped three 2" square photos and a couple other photos to create the photo block.  Then I used Simply Treats and typed out Snow Storm minus the o's.  I had a wonderful package of glittered chipboard snowflakes that already had adhesive!  I used 2 small ones for the o's and added one to the upper left corner.
The right side was really easy!  I grouped five 4x6 photos, overlapping as needed to get a perfect square.  I then adhered a few more chipboard snowflakes and was done.

I would crop and fix my photos in Picassa and then upload them to Blogger.  Somewhere between Picassa and the upload to Blogger, they rotated.  Not every time, just sometimes!  It was making me crazy!  In Picassa they were the correct way, but then, voila!, they were rotated!  Luckily, I found a solution on the internet!  Here it is for all of you experiencing the same problem: 
Open up Picasa and select the photograph that uploaded incorrectly. On the top right above the picture there is a button to edit the photo - click on it and Picnik opens. Rotate the photo in this web based editing software and when you click save to my album choose to replace. Then go back to Blogger, choose to upload from Picasa, and select the photo from there. It may still look wrong in the thumbnail preview, but once it is placed on the Blogger page it should be correct.   From:  Firedrops at

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