Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cooking Party Invitation

My daughter turns 7 yeas old in a few weeks and she really wants a cooking party!  I borrowed a friend's From My Kitchen cartridge and cut out the oven.  (Isn't it cute?)  I cut out the rounded corner square card from Celebrations.  I first cut the square card on white card stock at 8.5 inches.  I then cut the shadow of the oven and the shadow of the oven door in evergreen green cardstock.  I bought them in a package of 5 pieces of cardstock at a paper store without any manufacturer's info. I then cut the layer of the door and the extra accents in a muted red.  My favorite piece of all is the actual oven done in this really cool paisley paper.  It's actually wrapping paper! :)  (No manufacturer again!)  I cut all the oven pieces at 4 inches.  When I assembled this all together, I turned the card so that the seam is on the bottom and it opens from the top, just like an oven door!

Now, it looks cute, but I had to add some sparkles!  I used 5mm silver Nailheads (Metal Stickers from Mark Richards) for the knobs and silver Stickles for the oven door handle.  The Nailheads were a pain!  I had to trim around each of them with tiny scissors because the adhesive was laid down in a strip and then the nailheads were stuck on.  So when you pulled off a nailhead, off came extra adhesive that showed around the nailhead!  YUCK!  (This is something that should be addressed in manufacturing, IMO!)

Inside I adhered a little piece of white paper that says "Let's Cook Something Up For Maddie's 7th Birthday!"  I picked a red font color that matched the red accent in the oven.  It looks really cute.   Hope you like it!  If you have any questions, be sure to ask!

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