Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Austin and Grandpa mini album

My dad and Austin have a very special relationship. They are both nature guys, think a lot, are loyal and care deeply. These personality traits make a very unique and tight bond between grandson and grandpa. This album shows one weekend when Grandpa and Grandma took Austin to the beach.

I covered each of the chipboard pages with patterned cardstock.  (Scenic Route Scrap Strip 3, Lexington Ave. and Kraft Rings).  I used matching brown letter stickers to make the the simple title and then tied coordinating ribbon to the O-rings. 

I matted each photo in the coordinating cardstock which was made extremely simple because each of the pages were reversible!  The "Remember This" and "Good Times" ribbons are strips from patterned paper.  I used a hole punch and punched the end of the strips and used the same ribbon to add a little accent.  The "Me and You" on the right hand is a sticker that I matted!

While adding the felt brown flower (simple and clean lines!) I realized I was out of brads of any matching color.  I found some small rhinestones in dark brown and gold to cover the opening in the middle.  (Rhinestone Strass from Studio 18). 

All the word stickers were made by Scenic Route Paper, which allowed them to match everything perfectly!  Once again, patterned paper from the same family goes together easily, yet created a masculine, fun mini album.

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  1. Grandpa thinks it is really cute. Good job! Love you.