Monday, January 10, 2011

Have a Cup on Me

I made these small coffee cup cards for my husband to give to the team he manages. He is going to put a Starbucks gift card inside each one. I learned several important things with this project! First, don't just measure the gift card, add on to the size because your card will be folded! (Duh, right?) Then leave even more room to make a small pocket to insert your gift card. But, I didn't do any of that, now did I? Here's how I made it work:
I used the coffee cup from Gypsy Wanderings and hid the heart. (Didn't think my husband's employees want hearts on a cup from him!) I then copied the cup and then flipped it. This allowed me to weld two together to make a card. I then wrote "Have a cup on me!" and welded that altogether also. I then cut out a single cup in a lighter blue to show through the cut out letters. Since I hadn't left room for a pocket, I didn't know what to do!
Photo corners to the rescue! I had a stash of photo corners (luckily in the right colors) and I used a credit card to measure placement. This was so easy! Take a look!

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