Friday, May 6, 2011

Cake Balls (Pops)

I know, I know, this is a scrapbooking blog!  BUT everyone once in a while, I get carried away and try something new for a party.  Austin's birthday is coming and I thought these cake pops (or balls) would be cute as mini "bombs" for the boys.  I decided to do a dry run and see how they would turn out.  I searched the internet for recipes and came up with a simple one:
  • 1 box cake mix, any flavor
  • 1 can frosting, any flavor
  • chocolate to melt
  • sprinkles or decorations if wanted
  • lollipop sticks ( I couldn't find them, so I cut kabobs and used them!)

 They turned out really cute, after I figured out a way to have them dry! (NOTE TO SELF: FIGURE THIS OUT BEFORE YOU HAVE ONE IN YOUR HAND NEEDING A SPOT!) I used a pizza baking pan that had holes in it, which I balanced on top of a glass! I carefully dropped the stick of each cake pop through a hole and let them dry on the pan. This kept the top of each ball nice looking!

They tasted wonderful!  Each one tasted like a little piece of fudge and they weren't cakey at all!  While I really enjoyed them and they were simple to make, I decided they took too long to make for Austin's party.  (The recipe called for a lot of cooling and chilling and various steps!) 

Instead, I decided to make one large "Bomb Cake!"  I baked 2 boxes of cake mix, one at a time, in a medium size pyrex glass bowl.  They took almost an hour EACH to bake because they were so thick in the middle.  I then turned the two half circles together and used frosting to stick them into a ball!  I frosted the entire outside of the cake and even added a frosting "bump" at the top.  I then used a piece of red licorice for the fuse!  The boys loved it and it was really good!

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