Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday Design Team Post--Wall Hanging

Welcome to Thankful Thursday! Here is the current project for the Design Team and I am ultra excited!  The challenge this week was to create a wall hanging!  Here is the project that I made with my daughter Maddie.  We had a blast coordinating colors, cutting with the Cricut and chatting while we made this!
 Here's the completed June calendar in a frame.  This was a wonderful project that will sit up on the dresser in our master bedroom so we can see the major events as they come.  The neat thing is that all I am "out" at the end of the month, is the paper, the rest is reusable.  Plus, I am thinking of putting each one in a scrapbook to show the day to day life of our family at this time in our lives.
First, I had this great Dad paper that has been sitting in my stash for YEARS!  If you follow my blog, you know I am in a major "use-it-up" phase, so I based my entire design on the paper.  The paper says Dad, Daddy, Pops, Papa, etc, diagonally across it.  Unfortunately it wasn't a true 12x12 and I only had 1 sheet, so I never used it.  I decided to use it as my title block background.  I then used an orange patterned paper to go under the "calendar" portion.  I found the Dad paper to be too busy to use behind the dates.  I then cut the orange/dad paper to be 11 1/2 x 11 1/2.  I matted this on a solid blue cardstock and then on another patterned orange paper.  All the orange patterned papers are from a Me and My Big Ideas Value Paper pack.  This helped get the paper back to 12x12 size.    
Next, I used my new (Thanks Mom!) Color Box Cat Eye's (cerulean) to stamp the numbers onto the paper.  I used rubber stamps from All Night Media "Stamp Squares Swirls" to make the numbers.  This was honestly the hardest part because I couldn't see how the grid would lay over it and stamp at the same time.  Finally I made tiny hatch marks in pencil at the left edge and bottom to create a "grid" that I could follow.  Of course, I didn't think of that until I had stamped the top row, so they are slightly off.  As my daughter watched me juggle 10 number stamps, she calmly said, "Mom, just stamp all the 1's in the teens, and then go back and put the one's place in."  That worked much easier than juggling the stamps for each number!  (Great thinking Maddie!)
Then I used some old letter stickers to spell June for the title.  I inked the edges with the same blue ink pad.  I also used my gypsy to create the two other decorations for the top.  The Super Dad is a direct "steal/copy/scraplift" from the Father's Day cart that I don't  own!  I used Indie Art to make the shield and hid the layers and the lions that accompanied it.  I then used Jubilee to write Super Dad.  Whenever I "make" my own cut, I make the whole thing large, link it altogether and weld it and then resize it to the size I actually need.  This is much easier on my eyes and I get less frustrated with the tiny details.  I also cut the ribbon from Locker Talk and used a white gel pen to add little pen marks.  I removed the center and stamped the 1 using the same stamps as above.  I mounted both on white paper and fussy cut them both so they pop a little more from the heading.  
Here's a blurry picture of the blank calendar grid.  It is a clear plastic calendar grid that fits a 12x12 frame so you can put anything you want behind it and reuse it over and over again!  I found this at my local craft store.
I also bought a 12x12 piece of sheet metal to go behind the paper and calendar grid to make the entire thing magnetic.  It is really thin and not heavy at all.
Here is the order of everything getting ready to go in the frame.  The calendar overlay, then the paper, then the sheet metal and that creates a magnetic calendar that fits inside a 12x12 frame.  

Lastly, I used Felt Shapes (Harvest from Fancy Pants Design) to make little magnetic embellishments to move around the calendar as I want.  (These were a steal!  My LSS had a garage sale and the MSRP was $17.00 for 4 12x12 sheets of precut felt pieces and I purchased them for $4.00!)  I used Glue Dots to stick the felt shapes to bar magnets.  They magnetize through the plastic calendar grid, the paper and all the way to the sheet metal behind!  It also adds some cute dimension to the calendar.

We have an awesome prize this month, it's a Post-it prize pack!! Don't forget to head over to Crazy About Cricut  and enter your family project!
Also, be sure to check out the other Design Team member's project for some more inspiration!  They are a talented group of ladies!

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  1. I TOTALLY love this!! Such a GREAT idea!!!


  2. This was an awesome project to showcase for this Thankful Thurs! My husband would love one of these! Thanks for sharing all the details! You and Maddie did a great job!